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I remember as a child I didn’t dream of being an engineer

I remember as a child I didn’t dream of being a nurse

I remember all I dreamed of was to play basketball at a higher level


Daycare, Elementary, Middle, High School and College


What do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

Where would you like to go?


Dream Sharon, Dream


I dreamed of working in the Arts full time

I dreamed of meeting Dr. Maya Angelou

I dreamed of being Dr. Maya Angelou


Pause. Moment of Silence


I dreamed of being happy

I dreamed of helping the black voice be heard

I dreamed of changing the world one story at a time


Dream Sharon, Dream

Lights cut off

Bank account balance, zero zero dot zero zero

Family not understanding

College educated, two degrees

Get down on your knees

Lord Please


Dream Sharon, Dream


I’m loosing my mind

Depression settles in

Desperate and Confused

Lonely and ashamed

My heart hurts

Body aches

I’m Drowning in pain


Dream Sharon, Dream



Gotta let some friends go

Love ones who believed in me passed away

People I admired moved on

Relationships nonexistent
Life --- Damn --- Life


Dream Sharon, Dream


Work harder

Go back to school

Fight for what you want

Forget about the past

No use the past

Reach for the future


Dream Sharon, Dream


Follow your desires


Have Faith

Own who you want to be

Control your destiny


Dream Sharon, Dream


Daycare, Elementary, Middle, High School and College


Life shaped me

My family supports me

My friends encourage me

My community embraces me

My Love for myself drives me


Job in the Arts…GOT IT!

Supplied a platform for Black Voices YEAP! YEAP!

I’m standing here today telling my story DEEPLY HUMBLED!!!


Dream Sharon, Dream

Dream my brother, Dream my sister, Dream my brothers and sisters


Dream to be who you’re meant to be

Are you ready to live the dream? 


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Sharon Nyree Williams is a consummate storyteller, complex word weaver, and compassionate cultivator of deep humanity. She is fiercely tender in her inquiry into our individual and collective struggle to do better: to provoke more justice, truth, and love in this world. Sharon's singularly powerful voice has a universal reach. 

Robin Lynn Smith / Founding Partner and Executive Director /
Freehold Studio/Theatre Lab

Sharon's vulnerable and unpretentious voice is like that of an old friend. Robust pages of private joy, secret pain, brillant stories, an poems make you her confidante.

Sandra Boas-DuPree / Operations Manager /
Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute

Sharon is a magnificent storyteller with a brilliant ability to use words. Her stories arise from a special place in her heart and they connect with my heart. She shines light on harsh subjects such as homelessness, incarceration, and police brutality, and yet humor and hope are infused into her stories. She is dedicated to changing the world one story at a time and she is doing it. This book is proof. 

Rita Tower/ Retired Educator/
Seattle University 

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