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Explore my poetry and storytelling that dives into lived experiences and social issues.



SHOOK, live from the London Bridge Studio in Shoreline, WA, is a blend of poetry, storytelling and music. I put my emotions into this collection of stories that don’t shy away from the strength needed to call out the harsh realities of the social construct of the past, present and future. This is my third poetry + storytelling album.  

What happens when you ask 12 amazing Seattle vocalists to sing what freedmon means to them, but the only word they can sing or say is "freedom?" This video gives an inside look to track 12 on my album SHOOK.

The Consciousness of Love

The Consciousness of Love is the beginning of me developing confidence in telling stories about social issues that I feel close to. On this album you get a look at family, Black men, family, education, autism, depression, and…. This is my sophomore poetry + storytelling album and was completed with the support of Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle, WA. 

The Consciousness Of Love


HUMANITY is an exploration of poverty and homelessness with a few topics about my life. I created a lot of the pieces while working with the Annual Urban Poverty Forum (Seattle) and during an immersion trip to Mexico that I had the honor to be a part of when I worked for Seattle University. It is my freshman poetry + storytelling album. 

The final track, American Dream, has been remixed and offered on Soundcloud.

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