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Dare to Claim the Sky

The front cover of Sharon's book, Dare To Claim The Sky. It features her with a big smile and arms outstretched.

My albums Humanity, The Consciousness of Love, and SHOOK all represent my strength in coming to grips with who I am as a Black woman in the world, the constant battle of recognizing the beat-down in my life caused by system racism, and questioning my self-worth even as I recognize the reality of my truth. 

Humanity + The Consciousness of Love + SHOOK = ME as I Dare To Claim The Sky.

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"Sharon Nyree Williams is a poignant writer that has penned up secret thoughts that the world never realized it was ready to hear. Truth serum is her elixir that will heal your mind with thought-provoking answers for questions you always wanted to ask. Her words motivate me to take action and to forgive others and myself."


- Robert James

"Sharon Nyree Williams is a magnificent storyteller with a brilliant ability to use words. Her stories arise from a special place in her heart and they connect with my heart. She shines light on harsh subjects such as homelessness, incarceration and police brutality, and yet humor and hope are infused into her stories. She is dedicated to changing the world one story at a time and she is doing it. This book is proof."

- Rita Tower
Retired Nursing Advisor/Professor
Seattle University

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