Sharon Nyree Williams

I've done a few things in my career. 

I've done a few things in my career. 

I love telling stories about my life, the lessons I've learned, and the things I've observed, with a hope that I will reach at least one person that can relate to my experiences. In making us as a community stronger through the power of storytelling.


Photo by Brett Love

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Latest Episode

I just listened to Shakin' Shit Up and I am so happy to learn and grow. Michael's comments about language "shoot", "take a picture", "head shot" spoke to me as well as the messages I received from viewing the photos each of them shared. 


Chloe and Michael are awesome people and I am thankful for the opportunity to know more about them and learn from them. I look forward to the show in April. 

                                                       ---Rita Tower

  Team Sharon     

Love the theme song! Dang Sharon, you came out fighting hard and strong!


                                           ---Michelle Kelly-Morton                                                 Team Sharon

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