I love telling stories about my life, the lessons I've learned, and the things I've observed, with a hope that I will reach at least one person that can relate to my experiences. In making us as a community stronger through the power of storytelling.


Photo by Brett Love

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Man...thank you both so much for tonight. Thank you for reassuring me that I belong, but also thank you so much for the conversation. It really did reignite a flame within me and Hearing My guy Saucilito’s (aka Martín's)music was the cherry on top! Haha much love family.  


Fa’afetai Tele Lava! (Thank you)



Man for real, thanks for inviting me and thanks for doing this show, Sharon & Michael. You are Gems! That was so much love! Completely pulled me out of this week and refreshed me too. Thanks for all the support and love it’s everything.


                                                       ---Saucelito!                                                            (AKA Martín)



Sharon Nyree Williams is a consummate storyteller, complex word weaver, and compassionate cultivator of deep humanity. She is fiercely tender in her inquiry into our individual and collective struggle to do better: to provoke more justice, truth, and love in this world. Sharon's singularly powerful voice has a universal reach. 

--Robin Lynn Smith
Founding Partner and Artistic Director
Freehold Studio/Theatre Lab

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